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Each Wolftress collection is inspired by an indigenous community that has captivated our hearts and imagination. Each piece of the collection imparts the peoples’ stories and skills gathered along our journey. Our products are created using traditional fabrics, handmade by indigenous artisans working with respect towards their environment, beliefs and culture.

2014/15 Wolftress Collection

Highlands of Ecuador

The Winter 2014 / Summer 15 collections brings you inspiration, fabrics and heart from the highlands of Ecuador.

Wolftress roamed Ecuador’s diverse landscape, through rugged coastal towns, magical cloud forests and enchanted highlands to bring you collections of unique handwoven patterns, finely spun yarns and vibrant colours.

Wolftress had travelled to three villages in the highlands of Ecuador, finding those that were renown for their textiles skill throughout the country.

Alpaca plain weaves were created in the town of Quinchuqui where Wolftress collaborated

with one single family to spin the weaves and colours found in collections.

Intricately woven colourful cotton weaves were created in the town of Agato. This was a town amidst the maiz crops and filled with wooden looms. The naturally died cottons were woven in a pattern that was designed together with Wolftress and the artisans.

The hand moulded felt hats were created in a town called Iluman. Known to be the producer of the many hats worn by the indigenous people around South America, Wolftress’ collaboration with the artisans were with a small family run business.

Native Roots Collection

The Awakening Collection