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iMute Magazine | Raglan

By Kartika Putra

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Wolftress was recently featured in the stunning editorial Raglan, on iMute Magazine. We speak to stylist Meggy Smith about her muse, inspiration and what its like to live the life of a stylist.

Raglan encapsulates the story of a fierce and strong woman. Tell us about the story behind Raglan. Who was the muse?

The story behind the Raglan editorial was to showcase both sides of a woman – strong and fierce, yet fragile and soft. The ying and the yang – her masculine and feminine sides. 

What is your signature style?

I don’t feel my work has a signature style, however personally, I am drawn to a more androgynous yet effortless and minimalist look. 

Can you share your process when coming up with a style concept start to finish? Music, theme, location, muse? 

I definitely like to start with a theme and then do my research from there. Often the photographer and I will workshop a loose idea and I will then have a look at various inspirations like designers – their campaign images and runway, models, hair and makeup/beauty and use that as my starting point. Other times I can be inspired by a current trend or a music video clip, an artist or a movie or even someone’s street style. From there I look through designer’s lookbooks and pull pieces from them that I feel will suit the editorial. When pulling pieces, it’s always good to remember or keep note of what you have already pulled – so you can start putting looks together. It’s like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle which come together as one beautiful puzzle in the end.

Where does your passion for styling come from? what inspires you?

I love the art of fashion. I love being able to see the artistry of clothing. When I see clothes, jewellery or shoes that have been well made and beautifully designed, sounds so corny, but I can’t help it but smile. Often a really big corny smile! I also love the story behind the designers. I think everyone’s story is so different and interesting. 

What advice do you have for our wolftress warriors wanting to take on the stylist journey? 

If you love it, persist at it. It’s hard work, but can be rewarding. And the best way to start is by assisting. Being a stylist may appear glamorous, however be prepared for some heavy lifting, hard work and running around – sometimes in the sweltering heat and other times in freezing cold temperatures. And never wear heels to a photoshoot – not appropriate footwear – unless you’re the model!

Meggy also has an amazing blog telling the interesting and inspiring stories of people within the fashion industry.

You can find her work on CRAVING COUTURE

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