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The Spirit


As travellers, storytellers and designers Wolftress travel the world in search of unique cultures and artistry. Getting swept up in these vibrant worlds; the music, dances, stories and wisdom inspire our collections. Each piece imparts the peoples’ stories and skills that we have gathered on our journey.

Our collections feature products created using traditional fabrics, handmade by indigenous artisans working with respect towards their environment, beliefs and culture.

It is our gift to you to share these discoveries through fashion.


The Wolftress is a woman of mystery and grace with a deep desire for freedom. She is bold and courageous, wild and adventure seeking.

She likes to keep her wardrobe simple, fitting in with her active and adventure seeking life but doesn’t want to blend into the crowd. She likes simple but doesn’t do boring. She’s known to express herself through her style as she steps out to take on her dreams and plans to leave her mark on the world!


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